Pearl of a Panther

39 min 55 sec • Drama, Comedy, Romance, Music

Log Line

Is family the greatest art you can make?

A couple struggling to find time for individual creativity, ends up upsetting expectations and ultimately embraces their greatest creation.


Vita Eterna (Beth Wright) is tired of tending to the kids and waiting for her turn to shine while her husband Sunday Rebel (Jesse Wright) is wrapped up making art and music. She sets off a series of unexpected events when she grabs a stack of Sunday Rebel’s sketches and repurposes one for a performance art piece and leaves another behind as a curious source of encouragement for him.

The story takes place over the course of two days one year apart. In one we find what inspires their art. In the other we see what becomes of it. Along the way, they encounter ciphers of ART, POETRY, POLITICS, FAITH, MUSIC and finally each other. As Sunday Rebel “tries to figure it out” and discover what Vita Eterna’s up to, their journey traverses both sides of the Hudson covering Hackensack, Newark and Paterson, New Jersey over to Brooklyn, Manhattan and Coney Island, NYC celebrating the cities as characters themselves.

Written and Directed by Sunday Rebel

Featuring: Vita Eterna, Sunday Rebel, Kevin Darmanie, Imani Rodman, Brandon Schreck, Dan Courtney and Nyugen Smith